Disposable Electrodes


ECG Electrode Offset

Offset electrode unique offset concept helps maintain a stable, uninterrupted signal even if a lead wire is pulled, thus eliminating movement artefacts.

ECG Neonatal Electrode

Specially designed for use on neonatal patients, their small size is ideal for specialized applications. Backing is breathable, stretchable, and gentle to the skin.

Electrosurgical Pad with Cable

Electrosurgical Pad is single-use grounding plates, made from electrolyte hydro-gel and aluminum-foil and PE foam

ESU Pencil Button control

The pencil has the functions of cut and coagulation, and has the modes of button switch, rocker switch and foot switch.

Chest/Clamp Electrode

Chest Electrode for adults

Pencil Holster

Hanging Electrosurgical Pencil Holster.

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